Saturday, February 20, 2010

So the snow came, melted, and gave me a chance to spin outside my comfort zone......and I signed up for a kick a$# art yarn workshop!!

Well the big snow storm last Wednesday kept me from flying to Lubbock....for a third time might I add.  Now it's completley melted and leaving my hardwood floors super grody thanks to my sweet pups.  However, I shouldn't complain b/c the snow gave me plenty of time to stay in and fart around on the ol' wheel. So much time that I finally stepped out of my comfort zone of 2-ply and navajo ply (my favorite) to experiment with the crazier more creative outlet that is art yarn. I bought the book Intertwined by Lexi Boeger some time back (before buying my wheel) and it is the main reason I became determined to learn how to spin yarn. The yarn created by Lexi and the other fiber artists in her book put me on a learn the basics and then venture out into the more creative side of spinning. My 1st experiment resulted in an okay skein of small beehives(was going for coils) and a thread ply.
The 2nd experiment resulted in a thick and thin thread ply that was what I was shooting for surprisingly.
  After these two rebellious acts of spinning, I remembered coming across a website with some awesome art yarn, it was Insubordiknit aka Jacey Boggs. She is another queen of art yarn and amazingness. I ordered her DVD and actually just received it today!!! Anywho, I was looking at her site and came across her workshop list, and lo and behold, she's coming to Boerne TX!! How cool is that??? So, I signed up of course and can't frickin' wait for it. I'm going to attempt more rebellious acts on my own in the meantime, since the workshop isn't until April and also b/c I'm an impatient female who likes what she wants when she wants it!! So let me know what you think!!! I'd love all the feedback and constructive criticism I can get!!!! Hope everybody had a great week!! Until next time....happy spinning and knitting!!!

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