Sunday, January 31, 2010

More yarn's a comin'

A few new yarns have been added since yesterday and they keep coming. I'm having such a ball spinning all this roving up that I can't stop!! I guess you could say I have a problem......I think it's a better problem to have than others. haha. I always joke up at my LYS....I wonder if they have a 12 step for spinning, b/c I'd probably be their poster child. Anywho, several fun colorways have twisted through my fingers recently and I can't wait to share them!! Orion, Corriedale, was added a couple days ago (1st pic). Rusty Denim(2nd pic), CVM, was added last night and Croquet(3rd pic), BFL, will be added this afternoon. There are several other yarns I still need to list and will keep you updated as I do. The roving Orion and Croquet was handpainted by Cloudlover at The CVM is from a local woman who gave the LYS a large supply of sample cupcakes in an array of colors(I bought all of them b/c I can't get enough of it). CVM has been my favorite so far, mainly b/c it has a small amount of wool grease in it, so it keeps my fingertips hydrated as I spin and drafting is very smooth. I purchased more CVM from another seller and it doesn't have any wool grease in it. I guess it just depends on what they use to wash the fleece. Well, I'm going to get back to work, just wanted to fill the 2 people who follow me in on the life of Lori. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

PS. I have a flikr account now, please visit at:
I don't have all of my pics up yet, but I'm trying!!!

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