Sunday, January 31, 2010

More yarn's a comin'

A few new yarns have been added since yesterday and they keep coming. I'm having such a ball spinning all this roving up that I can't stop!! I guess you could say I have a problem......I think it's a better problem to have than others. haha. I always joke up at my LYS....I wonder if they have a 12 step for spinning, b/c I'd probably be their poster child. Anywho, several fun colorways have twisted through my fingers recently and I can't wait to share them!! Orion, Corriedale, was added a couple days ago (1st pic). Rusty Denim(2nd pic), CVM, was added last night and Croquet(3rd pic), BFL, will be added this afternoon. There are several other yarns I still need to list and will keep you updated as I do. The roving Orion and Croquet was handpainted by Cloudlover at The CVM is from a local woman who gave the LYS a large supply of sample cupcakes in an array of colors(I bought all of them b/c I can't get enough of it). CVM has been my favorite so far, mainly b/c it has a small amount of wool grease in it, so it keeps my fingertips hydrated as I spin and drafting is very smooth. I purchased more CVM from another seller and it doesn't have any wool grease in it. I guess it just depends on what they use to wash the fleece. Well, I'm going to get back to work, just wanted to fill the 2 people who follow me in on the life of Lori. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

PS. I have a flikr account now, please visit at:
I don't have all of my pics up yet, but I'm trying!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Open for business!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well....quite a bit has happened since I last blogged.
1. On the way to Odessa to see my folks and nephew we got stuck in a blizzard, yep, you heard me, a blizzard in the Dallas..all the way to Abilene kind of blizzard. We (my hubby and our 3 pups)were stuck in the car for about 6 hours before we finally got back to our house. We didn't even make it half way before the interstate was closed.
2. Ate grilled cheese on Christmas day. We didn't have groceries b/c we were going to be at my folks house, then all the stores were closed for the holiday.
3. Monday after won't start...and it's blocking my husbands car in the driveway. The thing was so dead that my key locked in the ignition and we couldn't even get it into neutral. By the time my husband charged it enough to get it into neutral it was found to be pointless b/c it has electric shocks to lift the SUV up off the tires.....they wouldn't lift b/c not enough "juice", therefore my hubby, while very strong and manly,was unable to lift the very heavy SUV to push it out of the way of his car. So....I did make it to work, had to take a cab, then had to pay the $1200 bill to get my car fixed......
4.Found out on New Years eve I might need braces (long story, have had massive amounts of pain and issues with jaw). This is after 2 years and many, many nauseating thousands of dollars later thanks to jaw realigning devices that screwed my bit and jaw up ever more than it was before and custom night bite guards.
5. Received a call from the orthodontist office on the 4th that they had an opening on the 5th to put the braces on and that was the only time they would have b/c "this was an emergency type situation and they didn't have time for me..they were making time for me kinda thing" I had to take it.
6. Did I mention that was $5000 I had to find some debt to cover. Bit of a tummy ache to find that kinda money in a day...haha
7. I opened my etsy shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, you heard right...something pretty fun!!! I opened shop, and have been posting the yarns I've been spinning since I laid my hands on my Kromski on December 16. I'm having a blast, it's so much fun to see when someone "hearts" your shop or an item you handmade!!!! I was even included in a "treasury"!!!! Yeah, someone saw one of my yarns and put it in with other cool handmade things that kinda flowed together. Tickled me pink!!! Here's the link if anyone would like to see it in the flesh..haha
Also, here is my SHOP address:
Stop by!! Say hello, let me know what you think!! I'd love a heart or 2 if you like something in my shop!!
Well, that's all for now, just an update in a holiday in Lori's life.....haha

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday!!!!
Happy spinnin' and knittin'!!!